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Uploading PHP Shell Through SQL Injection

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Claimant – A little piece of advice

Article destined to any blackhat on the internet, all source codes and examples must be used for malicious purposes only, sue me for that. Learn with this short piece of information how things work, ’cause we drift toward war… despite the fact that white hats also fight against us (reporting our fake pages and for being prone to identify us for federals) we still can win the struggle, despise the other side. With a scalpel in our hands we’ll overcome the fucking security revealing scandals around the world, inhale the white hat powder. Where do we fit into that? The best thing about this little piece of spam is that it appeals to our blackhat hearts.

Acknowledgement – encore!

I offer this paper to F3rG0, Dark_Side (we were going to give him a plaque, but due to his lack of skill and our lack of money, it’s probably not going to happen), AciDmuD, VooDoo, Cheat Struck, dizziness, blurred vision, eye or muscle twitches and loss of consciousness 🙂 e principalmente para Cleidiane Morais for being in a good mood to love in a moonlit day ,) My nape hurts! The cheat in this paper works perfectly on windows 7, windows vista, windows XP, windows 8 and 9 and etc (of course 😉 I will do this in steps for no readily apparent reason besides to give the reader motion and emotion… with no repentance it will be cool…
“The key to your success is acting before the problem escalates.”

Getting Started

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